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    Cylabs UK offers the best of both worlds - the expertise and critical thinking of experienced human investigators, combined with the power and efficiency of cutting-edge technology. This unique combination allows us to deliver superior results, providing unbeatable protection against false chargeback and dispute claims.

Reactive Claim Protection

Say Goodbye to Automated Software - Get the Expert Touch with a Real Professional Investigation


Over 5 years of experience as a regulated fraud investigations firm.


Unlocking the Power of Human Expertise: The Only Company to Outsmart Automated Fraud Prevention with Real People

£3.8 Million

Cylabs UK saved £3.8 million by intervening and preventing false chargeback claims.

Empowering Success
We drive success by offering innovative solutions that enhance financial security, minimizing losses caused by first-party fraud.
Educating Small Business

Our specialist fraud workshop supports niche and high-risk businesses, offering expert advice and guidance to drive success.

Human Lead, Data Assisted Investigations

Our experienced professionals, equipped with cutting-edge software, expertly handle every case to provide robust and thorough evidence analysis.

Our promise to you

At Cylabs UK, we are dedicated to protecting your business's success. With a proven track record of successful outcomes, we guarantee to fight for your business and win the claim in your favour in accordance with our pre-defined Terms of Guarantee.

Human-led Investigations

Cylabs UK combines human expertise and intelligence-assisted technology to provide thorough and accurate investigations of chargeback and dispute claims

Proven Results

With over 5 years of experience, Cylabs UK has a proven track record of successfully resolving false claims and protecting clients' businesses from financial losses.

Affordable and Efficient

We offer a cost-effective solution, allowing businesses to opt into our protection scheme for an annual fee, without the need for additional payments per investigation.

Regulated and Reliable

We are authorized and regulated by the ICO, ensuring that clients receive the best possible service in a secure and transparent manner. We are a registered company, operating under the Cylabs trademark.

Advanced Fraud Detection

We leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms to analyse and respond to false or misrepresented claims, ensuring your business stays protected when fraud strikes.

Proven Track Record of Success

We have a long history of successfully fighting false chargeback and dispute claims for our clients. We focus on high-quality results and client satisfaction, you can trust that your business is in good hands.

Trusted by thousands

Trusted by businesses like yours. 

Cylabs ClaimShield

ClaimShield by Cylabs: A Pay-Per-Case Solution for Ecommerce Business Protection. Our Human-Led, Intelligence-Assisted Investigations ensure the security of your transactions, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business. Trust in our expertise and experience to safeguard against false chargebacks and disputes. Start protecting your ecommerce success with ClaimShield.

Cylabs ClaimShield Pro

Eliminate Surprises with ClaimShield Pro - One Annual Fee Covers All Case & Investigation Costs. This is the Ultimate Protection for Your Ecommerce Business. Pay annually and enjoy complete coverage for all cases you incur, just like insurance. Experience peace of mind with our reactive, human-led and intelligence-assisted investigations. Safeguard Your Future Today.

Victory Assurance: Our Promise of Positive Outcomes for Every Case

Experience unbeatable confidence with victory assurance - our promise of positive outcomes for every case. At Cylabs, we are committed to your success and believe in our ability to win your case. That's why we offer our Victory Assurance guarantee - if we can't achieve a win, you'll get your money back." (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Choose Cylabs for our values and ethics

Combating Fraud with Ethical Integrity

At Cylabs UK, we are dedicated to combating only false or misleading dispute or chargeback claims. We believe that it is important to protect businesses from the negative impact of fraudulent chargebacks or disputes, but it is equally important to ensure that valid claims are not challenged. Our focus is on preventing false claims and ensuring that businesses are only held responsible for legitimate refunds. We are committed to providing a fair and ethical solution to first party fraud and will never fight a valid claim. Our approach is guided by a strong sense of integrity and a commitment to doing what is right.

Our work doesn't stop there

Rejected services for over 150 businesses 
due to unethical alignment.

Thoroughly reviewing all clients for ethical 
alignment and compliance.

5% of investigated claims led to criminal 
action against fraudsters.

Results by industry

IT & Computer Services
E-Learning & Digital Media
Marketing, SaaS & Retail
IT & Computer Services

IT, Software, and Computer Services

At Cylabs UK, we pride ourselves on delivering results that have a real impact on our clients' businesses. One industry in particular that has seen remarkable success with our services is the IT, Software, and Computer Services industry. By utilizing our extensive expertise and innovative technology, we were able to reduce our clients' chargeback related losses by a staggering 91%. This remarkable outcome is a testament to our commitment to protecting our clients and helping them achieve financial stability and success

E-Learning & Digital Media

E-Learning, Digital Content and Digital Media

At Cylabs UK, we understand the challenges faced by the E-Learning, Digital Content and Digital Media industry. That's why we've taken a proactive approach in reducing chargeback related losses for this industry. Through our expert knowledge and in-house software, we've been able to reduce chargeback losses by a staggering 87%. Our clients can trust that we'll fight against false or misleading chargebacks, providing the necessary evidence to their bank or payment processor. Investing in Cylabs ClaimShield Pro means peace of mind for your business and the assurance that we're always working to protect your success.

Marketing, SaaS & Retail

Marketing, Advertising, Saas, and Retail

As a leader in reactive chargeback intervention and dispute resolution, Cylabs UK has successfully reduced chargeback related losses by a staggering 92% for businesses in the Marketing, Advertising, SaaS, and Retail industries. By utilizing our expertise, proprietary technology, and extensive industry knowledge, we are able to effectively fight against misrepresented chargeback claims and help our clients safeguard their hard-earned profits. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results and providing top-notch customer service has made us the go-to choice for businesses looking to protect their bottom line from the impact of false chargebacks

What our researchers say

Facts matter. We rely on human-lead investigations because our lead researchers drafted this to us in 2018, when Cylabs started. Today, this extract is printed on our colleague welcome pack to remind them how impressionable and valuable they are to us. 

Human based fraud investigations are generally considered to be more effective than automated investigations for several reasons:

  1. Human investigators have the ability to use their intuition and experience to identify patterns and anomalies that may not be immediately obvious to an automated system.

  2. Humans are able to make judgments and decisions based on context, whereas automated systems can only make decisions based on the data they have been trained on.

  3. Human investigators are able to communicate with subjects and clients, which can lead to the gathering of additional information and evidence.

  4. Humans can also understand the nuances of human behaviour, which is critical in detecting and investigating fraud.

  5. An automated system can be easily manipulated by the fraudsters but a human investigator can think outside of the box and find new ways to detect the fraud.