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Jewellery Chargeback Scam

16.11.22 01:12 PM By blaine - Comment(s)
A woman in the UK purchased high-value jewellery claiming it did not arrive, but her Facebook profile picture says otherwise.

Animal Contest Chargeback Fraud

16.11.22 10:39 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
A US customer used a "friends" credit card to purchase contest votes for her pet, but the transactions were reversed as the cardholder reported the charges as fraudulent.

Computer Equipment Chargeback Fraud

13.11.22 08:52 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
A Canadian man submitted a $23,500 chargeback alleging that he had returned the items but did not receive a refund.

Gift Code Chargeback Scam

12.11.22 08:51 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
A customer in the US purchased $9000 worth of eBay and Amazon gift cards, only to redeem them and tell her bank that the codes didn't work.

Did you know?

02.11.22 08:52 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
Did you know?
Our research shows that a customer is 80% more likely to initiate a false chargeback against your business if they've had previous success.