Pre-planned Retail Chargeback Fraud

19.04.22 09:25 PM By blaine

A US customer obtained an #illegal refund by reporting a $1,999 transaction as fraudulent when it was authorized. A man in the US purchased an Apple iPhone and Airpods directly from an independent retailer and shipped it to a PO Box address. The customer then reported the transaction as fraudulent to their bank 3 days after the order was delivered to the PO Box address. 

Our investigators contacted the customer by email and post before calling them for a telephone interview, and not to our surprise after mentioning that the PO Box address was in the cardholder's name, the call was disconnected. Further investigations were conducted into the device itself, and Appleā€™s records indicated that it was activated on the same day of delivery. 

$1,999 was returned to our client, and a fraud report was submitted to the customer's bank.