Jewellery Chargeback Scam

16.11.22 01:12 PM By blaine

A woman in the UK purchased high-value jewellery claiming it did not arrive, but her Facebook profile picture says otherwise.
A prestigious jewellery retailer sent us their case regarding a £3,550.00 custom diamond ring which was sent via courier. Their customer contacted the company and her bank stating the item did not arrive and the bank would not honour the tracking link as it says "delivered to neighbour".
Processing errors on their end meant the item would not be signed for, and their customer has abused this glitch by trying to claim all the money back and keep the custom diamond ring. The customer has initiated a chargeback with her bank.
Our investigation interrogated social profiles by infiltrating her friends list with a decoy account. Her recent image upload shows the ring and box with the caption "I'm a lucky girl aren't I hehe".
Our investigator contacted the customer, questioning her uploaded images and she claimed her account was compromised, but was left speechless when questioned about the unique engraving which was in clear view of the uploaded image.
We used Ai upscaling on the image to confirm the engraving matched the order, which it did. This evidence was certified by a Cylabs expert and this was sent to the retailer.
The retailer came back to us advising a second chargeback was initiated for credit not processed. The customer has now stated she has not received her refund as the item was refused by the neighbour.
Our investigators obtained a signed statement from the neighbour the item was delivered to, confirming it was collected by the customer. The neighbour was elderly and worried, our investigator reassured her that she was doing the right thing and we were just checking the facts and she was thankful for our efforts.
Our second report was sent to the retailer, resulting in a case win with all funds returned to the retailer.