Animal Contest Chargeback Fraud

16.11.22 10:39 AM By blaine

This case is ongoing

A US customer used a "friends" credit card to purchase contest votes for her pet, but the transactions were reversed as the cardholder reported the charges as fraudulent.
Our Investigation questioned the US customer about their relationship with the cardholder and we were told that they worked together, and the cardholder came to her house where the transactions took place and the US customer paid the cardholder in cash.
We examined the transaction data which demonstrated all of the transactions in dispute were actioned within the same month, and exceeded $1,200.00, we asked the US customer about this and she told us that she had cashed her pay cheque and had given her the cash in person.
Our initial suspicion was focused on whether the cardholder actually received payment, and as the payments were in cash there was nothing to verify her account. So we contacted the cardholder.
The cardholder confirmed the transactions in dispute and claimed no knowledge of the US customer, stating she had never worked with her and no cash was received. We are still certain there is a financial link between these individuals, and enquiries are ongoing and we are working with Broward County Sheriffs Office.