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Jewellery Chargeback Scam

16.11.22 01:12 PM By blaine - Comment(s)
A woman in the UK purchased high-value jewellery claiming it did not arrive, but her Facebook profile picture says otherwise.

Animal Contest Chargeback Fraud

16.11.22 10:39 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
A US customer used a "friends" credit card to purchase contest votes for her pet, but the transactions were reversed as the cardholder reported the charges as fraudulent.

Computer Equipment Chargeback Fraud

13.11.22 08:52 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
A Canadian man submitted a $23,500 chargeback alleging that he had returned the items but did not receive a refund.

Gift Code Chargeback Scam

12.11.22 08:51 AM By blaine - Comment(s)
A customer in the US purchased $9000 worth of eBay and Amazon gift cards, only to redeem them and tell her bank that the codes didn't work.

Caught in the Ad

19.04.22 09:25 PM By blaine - Comment(s)

An individual paid a freelancer online for Marketing services, then 11 days after the services were completed the customer contacted her bank alleging that the transaction was fraudulent. An investigation was undertaken and was found that the customer used a VPN to alter her IP addres...