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    Cylabs UK offers cost-effective chargeback and dispute management services that protect ecommerce businesses from false claims. Our team of human investigators uses proprietary technology, Fraud Falcon, to analyze evidence and defend against such claims. This allows our clients to focus on growing their business, knowing that their finances are secure. Trust Cylabs UK to fight for your ecommerce business and ensure its growth and stability.

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We protect your revenue and stop fraudulent or deceptive claims hurting your business. 

Preventing Misleading Disputes

We don't rely on automated technology to respond to your dispute claims. Our in-house team of investigators use sophisticated tools, strategies and software to invalidate the cardholder dispute and win your case

Counter First-party Fraud

At Cylabs UK, we are counter-fraud experts. Our solutions stop your customers becoming active fraudsters. Your biggest threat is the customer. Customers that exploit the dispute or chargeback process are first-party fraudsters. 

Reactive Claim Protection

Say Goodbye to Automated Software - Get the Expert Touch with a Real Professional Investigation


Over 5 years of experience as a regulated fraud investigations firm.


Unlocking the Power of Human Expertise: The Only Company to Outsmart Automated Fraud Prevention with Real People

£3.8 Million

Cylabs UK saved £3.8 million by intervening and preventing false chargeback claims.

Chargeback Fraud

Sometimes referred to as “friendly fraud” or for the gambling industry “gambler’s regret”. This is where an individual denies buying an item on a credit or debit card, to get a refund from the card provider.

Goods Lost in Transit Fraud (GLIT)

Ordering goods online and falsely claiming that they haven’t been delivered, have been damaged or even returning empty boxes to get a refund.


Buying items such as clothes with the intention of using them before returning them for a full refund.

‘1 in 13 Brits admit to committing at least one form of first-party fraud in the last year, with those aged 16-34 the most likely to do so’.

First party fraud: The meaning

A customer deliberately making false claims for financial gain through disputes or chargebacks is known as first-party fraud.

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Benefits of Reactive Claim Protection

We do what automated software can't do.


Average* Claim win success 


Average* Transactions manually  investigated


Large enterprise clients benefiting from Cylabs UK

X = YES | - = NO | Limited = Not Completely

 Benefit Cylabs UK | Reactive Claim ProtectionAutomated Online Fraud Prevention Platforms
Prevent fraudulent activity  at checkout. -X 
Prevent first-party fraud at checkout  -- 
Respond to all disputes  X-
 Respond to fraud chargebacks XLimited 
 Obtain complex critical evidenceX- 
 Can search your customer on Chargeback or Dispute Abuse Databases X- 
 Can re-open lost claimsX -
Can save time and resourcesX -
Has an 89% average success rateX -
Offer a case win guarantee X-
Caught in the Ad

An individual paid a freelancer online for Marketing services, then 11 days after the services were completed the customer contacted her bank alleging that the transaction was fraudulent.

Some of our successful cases

Pre-planned retail chargeback fraud

A US customer obtained an illegal refund by reporting a $1,999 transaction as fraudulent when it was authorized.

An Educated Approach To Handling A Serial Chargeback Fraudster

A series of false PayPal disputes worth £3,741.03 led to tears after we investigated 197 transactions that were reportedly fraudulent.

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