5+ Years of Unrivaled Human-lead Chargeback & Dispute Management

We are the original chargeback experts with a legacy dating back to 2018; we have established ourselves as the original pioneers in the field. Trusted by businesses of all sizes, from local ventures to international enterprises, we proudly serve clients worldwide.

We help businesses like you

At Team Red, we are dedicated to advocating for your business by conducting thorough investigations and providing robust responses to unfounded or illegitimate chargeback claims initiated against your organization. Our steadfast commitment is rooted in our exceptional history of achievements and our utilization of advanced proprietary technology.

Trusted by thousands

The original chargeback experts since 2018.

We are regulated

We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your business and customer data by implementing rigorous and stringent policies to safeguard its privacy and integrity.

Over 5 years of achieving positive outcomes

We've spent over 5 years diving into chargebacks, fighting for businesses like yours, and coming out on top.

We're the original chargeback experts

Established in 2018, we have diligently examined and resolved over 700,000 cases. While numerous entities have since emerged, our unparalleled expertise remains unrivaled. As the sole provider to offer an unmatched case-win guarantee, we continue to set the industry standard.

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How successful is Cylabs at winning Chargeback or Dispute Claims?

Each year our rate of success increases

We're proud to boast a significant milestone: a 99% success rate achieved by our chargeback and dispute resolution services. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the unparalleled advantage of partnering with Cylabs UK. By registering to our chargeback and dispute management service, you increase your likelihood of success by an impressive 99%, surpassing the outcomes attainable through independent handling. 

RAW Statistics: Latest 2021 - 2022 [March 2023 Release]

* This Period: 2021 - 2022

** The Period: 2021 - 2022

Out of 731,998 cases investigated, we won 731,467 and lost 531.

Our success rate for **the period is: 99.93%

Comparison to 2020-2021: 89%   | 347,222 Cases

*This period difference: 10.93% Increase.
How does your pricing work?

We charge a flat-fee per case

A case refers to either a single transaction or a group of transactions.

A claim, on the other hand, refers to each individual transaction.

When you submit a case to us, we assess it using our Fees & Costs Matrix to determine a cost-effective fee for our services. For instance, if your losses are valued at £100, we won't charge you £150. Instead, we will charge you £25.00 or less. Our pricing may appear complex and confusing, but our team will ensure clarity and simplicity throughout the entire process. We guarantee transparency with no hidden costs, and all charges will be itemized before we take any action on your case.

Is this an automated process?

Absolutely not

At Cylabs UK, our mission is to provide expert and qualitative results each time. Using automated solutions is no where near as effective as the services offered by us and our team. The primary issue with chargeback or dispute claims is that no automated software can detect if your customer is going to open a false claim, it's impossible regardless of what competitors may advertise. We are so confident of our work we offer a case-win guarantee and you can learn more about that in detail here: Cylabs UK | Case Dashboard - Our Winning Guarantee